Our mission is to build a platform for artists to promote their work to a worldwide audience. We welcome emerging & established artists from the international arts community to foster cross cultural exchange of ideas, discussions & greater understanding of the diversity of artistic endeavours. Each month we invite artists to submit work for our online art competitions providing each artist the opportunity to promote their work through publication on our website, social media, receiving awards and connection with potential buyers and professionals in the field of fine arts.

Art can be presented in many different ways allowing people to understand each artists voice, value and vision. By exhibiting artists work on our professional gallery platform we help artists move one step closer to realise their dreams and progress their career. We are dedicated to being responsive to each artist we work with and creating opportunities to have your work exhibited in front of a diverse audience. By developing a platform for artists to show their work through monthly competitions and solo exhibitions the gallery creates that moment for each artist to see their work alongside other artsits who are equally dedicated to artistic excellence. We value the importance of each artist to have their work seen by collectors, curators and art appreciators. By continuing to create the best opportunities for global exposure for artists we believe this is how the unexpected occurs and an artist can experience the joy of recognition for their hard won creative journey. 

An artists career path often does not follow a direct route but makes progress in small steps along the path. An online gallery is a good way for an artist to start on that path. The key skill of learning to look at your own work critically and alongside the work of your own peers can be a helpful part of the process of learning to see your own work objectively. Receiving the views of others through the selection process for competitive exhibitions is a useful tool to inform an artist about the current status of their work.  Omata Gallery also encourages artists to write about their submissions. The act of thinking and writing about your artistic practice  helps to clarify your own thinking and provides the opportunity to articulate your motivations and inspirations behind your artistic output. Understanding why you are making the work is a vital step in improving and deepening your work.

Allowing yourself to meet the challenge of putting your work forward alongside other artists in the public sphere is a constructive way to progress your career as an artist.