"Art betters humankind"

Gallery Omata is is an online gallery and competition platform building a vibrant stage for artists to showcase their work to a worldwide audience.

  • Every month we invite artists from the international art community to submit their work to our online art competitions, and a chance to win.
  • Our online exhibitions allow artists to showcase their art on our platform, to view their work alongside other artists who share their dedication, to connect with other passionate artists around the world, and gain exposure. 
  • By opening the door to a global audience Gallery Omata is dedicated to serving artists who value their talent and seek to share their passion with the world.
  • Thus we provide emerging and established artists with opportunities to grow their careers and achieve their artistic vision.
  • We are responsive to each artist we work with and committed to creating opportunities and connections that drive progress.

Our judges are professionals within the art world having decades of gallery, exhibition, art, architecture, design, teaching and consultive experience. 

Art is a universal language fostering cross-cultural exchange, encouraging both emotive and critical thinking, simulating creativity, providing reflection, and fun (and income).