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Embark on a journey into the world of Margarita Krasutska, where art becomes a powerful conduit for exploring profound themes of identity, mortality, and our connection to the natural world. Through thought-provoking creations, Margarita invites viewers to delve into introspection, fostering meaningful dialogues about the human experience.

The digital drawing included in the Stepping Out exhibition with Gallery Omata is an illustration inspired by the poetry of Federico Garcia Lorca. How did you approach translating the written word into a visual form? Could you speak more to the symbolism and imagery you used and how they reflect the themes of the poem?

To truly grasp the essence and emotions embedded in Lorca's verses, I felt it was very important to have a personal connection to poetry itself. Writing poetry has been an integral part of my life, and through this connection, I have been able to immerse myself in the world of Lorca's verses with a deep understanding.

Illustrating Lorca's poetry became for me akin to painting a picture of a night dream, where the subconscious weaves together a tapestry of symbolic representations. The artwork serves as a canvas where the brain's processed feelings, emotions, and thoughts are brought to life through imagery that captures the essence of the verses.

Moreover, Garcia Lorca's close relationship with Salvador Dali provided an additional source of inspiration. Dali's surrealist style and exploration of symbolism complemented Lorca's poetic themes seamlessly. The intricate and unconventional imagery of Dali's art served as a guiding force in the creation of symbolic images that reflect the depth and complexity of Lorca's poetry.

Rainy Evening

digital art 577 x 420mm 2021

You've explored a lot of universal themes in your work, such as identity, mortality, and the human connection to the natural world. How do you approach capturing these big ideas in your art?

In my artistic journey, capturing universal themes such as identity, mortality, and the human connection to the natural world is both a challenge and an enriching experience. While much has been expressed throughout the history of art, my approach lies in presenting the aspects of life and existence that have made the most significant impression on me.

Literature, mythology and symbolism are powerful sources of inspiration for my artworks. I find that these timeless narratives and archetypal symbols have the ability to resonate deeply with people across cultures and generations.

At the heart of my artistic pursuit is the motivation to encourage contemplation and introspection among viewers. In contrast to art that relies solely on eliciting primal emotions such as fear, shock, or disgust to capture attention, I believe in a more meaningful approach. By exploring themes that touch on the core aspects of being human, I hope to contribute a deeper understanding of our shared experiences and foster meaningful dialogues about existence and our place in the world.

Souls With Stars Inside

digital art 577 x 420mm 2021

Your illustration for Walt Whitman's Leaves of Grass is a great example of how you've interpreted and reimagined a classic work of literature. Can you talk a little about the process of creating that artwork and how your own perspective and style influenced the final result?

Creating the illustration for Walt Whitman's Leaves of Grass was a meaningful experience for me. Unfortunately, this artwork exists in a single copy, and I no longer have it, except for a few photos taken hastily during my university exhibition as a memento of one of my earliest book illustrations.

While studying at the National Academy of Fine Arts and Architecture, I was fortunate to explore a wide range of artistic techniques, from linocut and woodcut to etching and lithography. In the case of Leaves of Grass, I decided to combine two different techniques: paper-cut and hand-printed elements. These hand-printed elements filled the spaces within the paper cutout, creating a harmonious fusion between the human being and the surroundings. This choice was driven by a desire to convey the intricate interplay between the inner world of the individual and the connection to the external environment.

I learned that the more I immerse myself in artistic research, the clearer my creative vision becomes.

Leaves OF Grass

digital art 210 x 210mm 2019

I know some artists struggle with finding inspiration but you seem to have it in abundance. Are there any particular sources of inspiration or creative practices that you rely on to keep your creativity flowing?

Creativity has been an integral part of my life, although I must admit that my path to discovering and using inspiration has not been without its challenges. From my early childhood, I found myself struggling to tap into the vast well of imagination that seemed to come effortlessly to my peers. While other kids in my art school classes easily conjured up wild creatures and imaginary scenes, I often felt frustrated as I struggled with the perceived lack of inspiration within myself.

Moonlit River Backwater

digital art 577 x 420mm 2021

However, over time, I realized that my creativity cannot be simply summoned out of thin air; it is a product of constant exploration and a deep need for self-expression.

Moreover, my identity as a Ukrainian artist has played a significant role in shaping my worldview and fueling my creative expression. The complexities of my cultural background, the history of my nation, and the multifaceted emotions associated with it have become rich sources of inspiration. The profound changes and challenges that Ukraine has faced have made me reflect deeply, feel intensely, think critically and further strengthen my need for artistic creativity.

Mavkas Hunting

mixed media 594 x 420mm 2021

Can you tell us about any other projects or collaborations you have in the works, and how you plan to continue exploring themes of identity and existentialism through your art?

One of my recent projects, especially close to my heart, is the "Mavkas Hunting" illustration, a work rooted in Ukrainian mythology. With this project, I wanted to create art that goes beyond mere visual appeal and allows people to immerse themselves in a unique experience. A black background layer and doodle-style drawings on a transparent panel formed the base. And a moveable paper flashlight between these two layers created an interactive dimension, revealing hidden aspects of the composition. Instead of being just a spectator, I aimed to involve viewers in the artwork, inviting them to become an integral part of the story.

Mavkas Hunting (detail)

mixed media 594 x 220mm 2021

As for collaborations, I have to admit that I have always been selective when it comes to partnering with others on art projects. In today's world, it can be overwhelming to witness the proliferation of meaningless and superficial creations. Many individuals claim the title of "artist" without the depth of knowledge or art education that is crucial to truly express powerful ideas through art.

Before embarking on any project, I engage in a rigorous process of self-questioning. I ask myself fundamental questions: Why am I creating this? What meaning does it hold for me and others? Is there a genuine purpose or message that I wish to communicate? Each piece I undertake is the result of a careful introspective process and ensuring that my artistic expression stays true to my beliefs.

Mavkas Hunting (detail)

mixed media 594 x 220mm 2021

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