- Elizabeth Gorcey -

Artist Statement

I am fascinated with the 'human condition' that we are all a part of; more specifically with how each of us experiences and sees ourselves, each other and the world on our collective journey. As a child I was very sensitive and empathic. I would feel things very deeply and, at times, imagine I knew how those around me felt. My sensitive and creative mind literally felt the weight of humanity-- My mind would 'see' all these highs, lows, anxieties, and triumphs overlapping and bleeding into my own personal experiences. At that age I didn't know how to process what I was feeling, but as an adult I work through what I see on my canvas. I paint because I must.

When I look around and see what's happening in the world today it makes my heart break for humanity and it propels me to paint. I feel the pain, sorrow and discontent of so many souls. I hope that people who view my paintings recognize a piece of their own humanity and know they are being seen. 


Personally, and professionally, Elizabeth avidly encourages speaking honestly and authentically in every setting. This trait led to another artistic endeavor when she shared her love of creating with her daughter. As a collaborative venture, Elizabeth and her daughter wrote the award-winning children’s book series, Liv on Life. Aimed to cultivate a child’s sense of confidence and kindness, this mother daughter duo was able to write from the perspective of parents and children, encouraging families to embrace authenticity in every relationship.

The passion of this committed actress, director, producer, painter, and author urges each of us to express ourselves as authentically as she does. Put simply by Elizabeth herself, “Creating is nourishment for my soul.”


American Conservatory Theatre, USA

University of Arizona, USA

Monmouth University, USA

Martine Vaguel, France

Zhenya Gershman Art Academy, USA


1979    New Jersey State Museum Youth Award 1st place

Solo Exhibitions

2023 The Waiting Room, 7th International Solo Exhibitions, Canada

Group Exhibitions, Competitions & Curatorial Projects

2023 Tre Donne, Patrizia Martiradonna Gallery, Los Angeles

2023 Artists of Feminist Insight, Rosenthal Gallery, North Carolina

2023 APS MOHO, YICCA International Contemporary Art, Italy

2023 The Los Angeles Angel, Tag Gallery, California

2023 A Figurative Art Show, ShockBoxx Gallery, Hermosa Beach

2023 Un-Loveable ShockBoxx Gallery, Hermosa Beach

2023 Is It Me?, Trolley Barn Gallery, New York

2022 Figures or Faces, Las Laguna Art Gallery, California

2022 Women in Art, Las Laguna Art Gallery, California

2022 Emptiness, Exhibizone, International

2022 Others Will Love, Others Will Hate, HMVC Gallery, New York

2022 Living on the Borderline, New York Art Show, New York

2022 The Lingering Feast, Gallery 825, Los Angeles

2022 Chasing Ghosts Artists, Verum Ultimum Art Gallery, Portland

2022 UN Calendar, Diversia Artistonish Magazine, International

2022 Cancer Never Give Up, Gallerium.Art, International

2022 Undisclosed Location, Gallery 825, Los Angeles

2022 Las Laguna Art Gallery

2022 SeeMe, Sasse Museum of Art, California

1979 Youth Exhibition, New Jersey State Museum, New Jersey

Private Collections

Los Angeles, New Jersey, New York