- Thomas Yau -

Thomas Yau is a Hong Kong artist working with cyanotypes (a photosensitive chemical process) on fabric.

Artist Statement

Exploring alternative processes in photography, I have found that creating images with cyanotype offers a unique perspective on the subject. Working with photograms allows for a raw and experimental approach to image-making. My goal is to create organic-looking images without relying too heavily on post-processing adjustments.

Currently, I am investigating the relationship between humans and natural plants. By studying the hints and sources found in plants, I hope to gain insight into our own experiences with life, love, and desire.

My initial focus is on the rose, a symbol of love and romance. Through cyanotype, I aim to convey not only the conceptual idea behind this relationship, but also to elevate it to the next level. Stay tuned for more updates on my progress.


Yau Wing Leung Thomas (b.1998), graduated in Creative Media from the City University of Hong Kong in 2021, and currently lives, and works in Hong Kong. Leung’s art practice excels in the use of image transformation, exploring the possibility of cyanotype from documenting to visual communication. Leung’s art practice focuses on photography, installation and art direction, and experience in the production of the performing arts.

Leung’s photography work received the Asia One Photographic Award in 2022; the Art and Science Award 2021, and Fountain Prize 2021, recognized by Standard Shell after graduation in 2021. Leung’s currently working at West Kowloon Cultural District Authority (WKCDA), and worked in The Mills CHAT, Art Central 2021.



4th, Hong Kong Visual Art Nurturing Programme, 1a Space, Hong Kong


B.A. School of Creative Media, City University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong

Group Exhibition


Asia One Photographic Awards:《起渣》PIXILATED, Singing Waves Gallery, Hong Kong


Diaspora, School of Creative Media Annual Show, City University, Hong Kong



Asia One Photographic Awards 2021/22


Fountain Prize 2021, Diaspora, School of Creative Media Annual Show

Best of The Show - Art and Science Award 2021, Diaspora, School of Creative Media Annual Show

Media Production


Art Direction, Media Production,《願望海》(No English Title)


Producer, Media Production, Finding Love in Fig


Art Direction, Media Production,《夢囈》(No English Title)


Producer, Media Production/Video Installation, Swim, in the Sea of Victoria