- Derrick Whaley -

Derrick Whaley is an artist based in the United States who specializes in digital phtograhic patterning.

Mathematics is a universal language and a powerful tool that we use to understand the world. It encompasses various concepts, including shapes formed by different sides and angles, as well as patterns that repeat in rows and columns.

Artist Statement

I capture the essence of my surroundings through my photography, aiming to bring them to life. Each photo I take reflects the moment, imbued with symbolism and metaphor that represents the very essence of life itself.

While people are often the focus of photography, I find that objects and things carry equal importance when it comes to capturing subjects. There are no limitations on what I choose not to capture, as I believe creativity knows no boundaries. It's not about the physical location where art is created; rather, it's about the art that is brought to life through the photographer's vision.

In my work, I strive to create what can be manifested, capturing the beauty, and meaning that lies within each passing moment. Through my lens, I aim to express the profound nature of life and evoke emotions in those who view my photographs.


Born and raised in Baltimore, Derrick's passion for Photography started when he was in high school, but he took it more seriously in college when he enrolled in a digital photography class, and it opened his eyes to photography even more and he has not looked back since. He purchased his first camera during that time and later started using my iPad as another camera source to take pictures just because it's easy, convenient, and with the increase of technology with camera usage. There are no limitations on being creative.



Bowie State University, Digital Photography 

Solo Exhibitions


Culturally Arts Collection, Virtual Solo Exhibition, United States

Group Exhibitions


Open Art Grey Cube Gallery

Colors Art Show Grey Cube Gallery

Black & White Grey Cube Gallery

Featured artist on Baltimore LED



HMVC Online Gallery Freestyle Award Certificate, 2023