Derrick Whaley

Shapes & Patterns

Mathematics is a universal language and a powerful tool that we use to understand the world. It encompasses various concepts, including shapes formed by different sides and angles, as well as patterns that repeat in rows and columns.

I capture the essence of my surroundings through my photography, aiming to bring them to life. Each photo I take reflects the moment, imbued with symbolism and metaphor that represents the very essence of life itself.

In my work, I strive to create what can be manifested, capturing the beauty, and meaning that lies within each passing moment. Through my lens, I aim to express the profound nature of life and evoke emotions in those who view my photographs.

Shapes & Patterns 1

photography 11 x 8.5"

As I mention the title of the series is called shapes and patterns which is the theme of the series. Mathematics sets the tone and foundation in this series. To create this series, I used a picture of a tree that I captured and imported it to Adobe Capture software. In Adobe Capture, there is a section called patterns where it auto generates the patterns and shapes.

Shapes & Patterns 2

photography 11 x 8.5"

That's where photo manipulation comes in because not only can you change the filtering (colors) & rotating the angle of the image to create random shapes like squares, triangles, & circles like you see in the series, but the before and after don't look the same which I think is incredible.

Shapes & Patterns 3

photography 11 x 8.5"

I would say the photography is the foundation for this series because it started with a single image I capture of a tree. 

Shapes & Patterns 4

photography 11 x 8.5"

From there I was able to take what I capture and build from there. 

Shapes & Patterns 5

photography 11 x 8.5"

However, mathematics also plays a theme in the series because you see the creation of the shapes and patterns collectively and they both fall under the category of mathematics.

Shapes & Patterns 6

photography 11 x 8.5"

There are no limitations on the patterns that were created in this series. When it comes to math there is no ending, it keeps going on and on, eternal & forever.

Shapes & Patterns 7

photography 11 x 8.5"

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