Ed Whitmore

Ed Whitmore has always had a backward glance. This developed as a result of his parents violent uprooting of their lives in Poland during World War II.

As a young man he developed an interest in ancient civilizations, ancient cairns, cave art and Earth Mother Goddess sites, which all served to reinforce a yearning for a lost past.

This mindset is reflected in his choice of medium - the evocative build up of patina that develops as a result of the oxidation of iron, copper and bronze metal-effects paint. For the close observer, sombre themes of decay and loss can be found in many of his pieces.

Blue Notes 1220 x 406 x 406 mm

Blue Notes

Vintage intertwined wrought iron base augmented with wood dowels painted and sprayed with reagent to evoke rusted iron. Wood blocks painted bronze and oxidized to create patina in lovely shades of blue. Ornamented with chrysocolla whose spiritual properties calm, cleanse and foster self-awareness

Blue Notes (detail)

Jubilant 914 x 457 x 457 mm


Wrought iron base adorned with blocks of wood painted with copper and bronze metal effects paint oxidized to create patina in lovely shades of green and blue. This piece has a lot of kinetic energy.

Candle Sticks 305 x 152 x 76 mm

Candle Sticks

Bronze metal effects paint applied to wood chunks affixed atop faux bronze base. bronze paint sprayed with chemical reagent to oxidize to lovely shade of blue. evokes a vintage set of candlesticks

Storm Approaching 610 x 610 mm

Storm Approaching

Iron copper and bronze metal effects paint sprayed with reagent to oxidize and create lovely patina in subtle shades of brown green and blue. This piece evokes doppler radar image of a tropical storm as it makes landfall.

Hall of Bulls

My version of 30,000 year old cave painting, the Hall of Bulls in Lascaux, France. The patina formed from oxidized iron paint suggests cave wall. Animals have been chiseled into the wood and painted with oxidized bronze and copper which create lovely patina in striking shades of blue and green.

Hall of Bulls 457 x 1016 mm

Ed Whitmore Tree of Life (bas relief) 914 x 610 mm

Tree of Life

The Tree of Life is a fundamental archetype in many of the world's religions and mythologies. It represents our personal development, uniqueness and individual beauty. Painstakingly chiseled by hand to create 3D effect. Oxidized iron, copper and bronze create evocative patina.

Gravitational Effects

Partially visible large round object appears to be exerting enormous gravitational pull on diamond, beginning to distort its shape. The massive energy generated is visible throughout the painting.

Gravitational Effects 1829 x 610 mm

Ed Whitmore Venus 914 x 406 mm

Earth Mother Goddess Shrine

Based on 35,000 year old cave art (Venus of Laussel).  Hand carved and painted with iron, copper and bronze then oxidized to create patina in evocative shades of brown, green and blue. Ornamented with spiritually powerful jasper and agate.

Venus Arising 914 x 1524 mm

Venus Arising

Venus, the ancient Roman Goddess of beauty, love and fertility emerges from a mountain lake. Realized with iron, copper and bronze metal effects paints, sprayed with reagent and oxidized to lovely shades of brown, green and blue. Texture achieved through applying multiple layers of paint onto wood.