Curator's Choice  |  open for entry

Are you passionate about your art, but find it difficult to put your creative process into words? Do you want to open up fresh perspectives around your work and delve deeper into what drives you creatively?

Curator's Choice provides a unique and exciting opportunity for artists like you to reflect deeply on your work and explore your creative process. This platform presents space for you to share your thoughts and insights through an artist interview, where you'll be asked a series of thought-provoking questions posed by us.

The page includes your artist interview, quotes, and snippets formatted with your artworks in a magazine-style page that matches your work. This format allows you to showcase your work in a curated and professional way, while also sharing your unique perspective with the world.

But that's not all. Through the process of working on your replies to the interview questions, you'll achieve clarity around your creative drivers and gain a deeper understanding of your own creative process. Curator's Choice offers you the chance to unlock new insights into your work and connect more deeply with your art.

So, are you ready to take your art to the next level and share your unique voice with the world? Don't miss this opportunity to participate in Curator's Choice and let us help you discover the power of your creative expression.

Theme:  Curator's Choice comprises an artist interview formatted professionally with artworks by you the artist. Submit 5 artworks to be considered including artist biography (written in 3rd person) and artist statement (written in 1st person).  

Media: All artists from around the world working in 2D & 3D media including painting, sculpture, works on paper, printmaking, photography and mixed media are invited to submit entries. 

Deadline: Ongoing

Fees: US$75 for 5 images

1. Guidelines

Each Curator's Choice includes an interview please reflect on how you will respond to insightful questions about your work when making your entry submissions.  

Read the rules carefully.

Artists retain ownership & copyright of their works. Any enquires to purchase work will be directed to each artist.

2. Rules

By submitting your entry you (the artist) consent to the Gallery Omata Terms & Conditions Agreement.

Lets keep it positive. The gallery focuses on positive subjects for consideration by the jury and inclusion in exhibitions. Artists are requested to keep this in mind when submitting their entries.

Those seeking to use images from the Gallery Omata website will require permission from the artist & the gallery before proceeding.

Competition is open to artists worldwide over the age of 18 years.

Entry fees are non-refundable.

There is no limit to the number of entries per artist.

Images taken front on with only the artwork clearly visible and in focus will be accepted.

Maximum image size 5MB in .jpeg format file titled with Artist Name-Title of Artwork.

Artwork submitted is to be original work by the artist related to the theme of the exhibition.

Open to all fine art mediums (oil, acrylic, water colour, gouache, pastel, drawing, printmaking, mixed media, photography, sculpture, fiber, wood, digital art) except video.

3. Awards

No awards are awarded for Curator's Choice.

4. Contest Fees

You may submit more than once.

Entry fees are non-refundable.

Contest fees can be paid using Paypal or credit card.

5. Image Submission Sequence

Image format : jpegs at least 1500px on longest dimension of the image

File size maximum 5mb per image

Title, Date, Medium, Dimensions H x W mm, Photo Credit, Links to socials (optional)

Include an artist statement (written in 1st person).

Complete all required information

First name, Last Name

Email, Instagram (Format: (optional), Website (optional)

Submit entry

You will be redirected to PayPal for payment.

Confirmation email will be sent after your payment is complete.

6. Selection Process

Directors Choice. Each show is curated & juried by Gallery Director Sarah Gordon and an anonymous committee of jurors. Note no comments are given by the jurors.

Criteria - 

  • Creative expression
  • Composition
  • Demonstration of artistic intent based on the theme
  • Mastery of the medium
  • Aesthetic appreciation

7. Terms & Conditions

  • By submitting images of your artwork you, the artist, agree to the terms & conditions as listed below. This constitutes an agreement between & you, the artist.
  • You agree to your images being used by Gallery Omata for promotional, marketing and display purposes for any exhibition organised by Gallery Omata
  • You agree to Gallery Omata archiving your artwork images as part of the website exbibition archive. This will be available for public viewing on
  • All copyrights of artwork images submitted to Gallery Omata remains with the artist.
  • Entry Fees are non-refundable
  • Those seeking to use images from the Gallery Omata website will require permission from the artist & the gallery before proceeding.
  • By entering your work you are agreeing to be added to Gallery Omata email list for forthcoming artist opportunities.